Rights and Permissions

License One-Time Rights for Material from The New York Times

With limited exceptions, , most use of material from The New York Times requires our express written permission. If an ongoing licensing arrangement is not required, we also offer one-time rights and permissions for material from The New York Times through our various agency partners.

Articles, Reprints and More

Articles with or without imagery, graphics, full videos, reprints and accolades can be licensed from PARS International. To license, complete this or call +1-212-221-9595. 


Redux Pictures is the permissions agent for photography coverage and historical archive images from The New York Times. To license, email or call +1-212-253-0399.

Video Footage

Clips of videos from The New York Times can be licensed for television, film and other uses through . To confirm the availability of a clip of news or feature footage, email or call +1-866-815-6599.

Film Options

Anonymous Content licenses film and television option rights to materials from The New York Times, including articles, video, photography and podcasts. If you would like to request option rights, please complete this .

Looking for something else?
For one-time rights and permissions related to any other material from The New York Times, please contact us for assistance.
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