T: The New York Times Style Magazine

T: The New York Times Style Magazine strives to be the most influential, creative culture style magazine in the world, connecting with readers by viewing fashion and style through the prism of culture with quality as our filter.

bst365体育投注网址大全 T Magazine’s world-class journalists examine, analyze and edit the cultural moment we live in, setting the tone for conversation embraced by its influential readers. Licensees may add their own content to local editions, building a mélange of coverage to attract a broad range of readers and advertisers.

Service Details:

T highlights the latest trends in fashion, living, travel, design and beauty. Choose from among 11 annual issues, each offering compelling feature articles and photography, and insightful columns on what’s new, unique and luxurious.

11 issues annually.

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International Editions
T China
T China is published in the Chinese market, in Chinese, under license to Huasheng Media. It launched in 2015.
T Japan
T Japan is published in Japanese, in collaboration with The Asahi Shimbun Company. The magazine launched in in the spring of 2015.
T Singapore
T Singapore is published in English, in the Singapore market, under license to Atlas Press. It launched in 2017.
T Spain
T Spain is the first licensed edition in the European market. It is published in Spanish, in collaboration with SPAINMEDIA, since 2017.
Securing New Advertisers and Audiences With Times Journalism
NYT Licensing helped Spainmedia develop a multi-format, in-market edition of T: Magazine tailored to reach a high net worth audience segment and attract high-value advertisers.

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